Friday, January 8, 2010

The Tree and the Temple.

Numbers float across the dark canvas of my mind. The short count down that shift my perception and starts my familiar journey to the World Tree. An enormous Oak with leaves of amber and green towers before me. The Tree's massive trunk would easily take 50 people arms stretch out to completely encircle. The leaves of the tree sway with an unfelt breeze. Golden light peaking randomly through the foliage and branches. Whispers are felt, not heard as the leaves dance in the sky above me. I brush my hands against the bark. My fingers tingle with the energy this ancient one holds. The roots of the tree open to a dark cavern that leads to my place of power.

My Inner Temple. As I make my way down the path and enter the Temple the first thing I look for is heart of the this Sacred Space. A square platform raised up on three steps. A canopy of arched columns on the four points. The roof that covers the canopy is both solid and sheer. When you look at it from the outside you can see the actual structure but from underneath it is cloth like. When you raise your head to heavens you can see the dark black sky dotted with stars of every colour. At the center of the this platform is a copper basin the hold fire. Witchfire. Green and blue. Red and Gold. The colour of the flames change with each visit. The floor that surrounds the Altar looks like black glass. It perfectly reflects the sky above. Only when you step off the platform or the last stone of the path do you see the circular ripples that spread out from your foot as it disturbs the water. This place of quiet, this womb of World Tree is my Place of Power.